National Katyn Memorial in Harbor East

The victims of Stalinist Terror, 20,000 Polish military officers, were murdered by the Soviet Secret Police (NKVD) in 1940.

National Katyn Memorial

National Katyn Memorial in Harbor East Baltimore

Located at the intersection of Aliceanna and President streets and unveiled in 2000, the National Katyn Memorial stands as a centerpiece of Harbor East, memorializing the massacre for all to see and remember. It is currently the tallest statue in Baltimore and can be seen for a great distance in several directions.

Information about the Katyn Memorial in Harbor East Baltimore

Partial transcription of the above informational plaque:

Victims of the Stalinist Terror – 20,000 Polish Military Officers
Murdered By The Soviet Secret Police (NKVD)

In 1918, Poland regained her independence, after enduring three partitions and dominations for 123 years by Russia, Prussia and Austria. Barely 21 years later, on September 1, 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Poland from the West, triggering the Second World War. On September 17, the Soviet Union, in cooperation with the Nazis and without a declaration of war, invaded and occupied eastern Poland. Thus, Poland was partitioned a fourth time. In spite of being only partially mobilized because of strong pressure from its Allies, England and France, Polish forces valiantly fought both invaders for weeks before being overwhelmed and forced to lay down their arms…

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…The phrase Katyñ Massacre is used to signify the murders at all three of the Soviet camps. These atrocities were a failed attempt by Stalin to forever eliminate all opposition to communist rule in Poland. The free spirit of the Polish people endured through the dark years of communist oppression. Poland now stands as a full partner of the western democracies, a member of NATO and the European Union.

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