Charm City Circulator Free Bus Service

Yes, you read that correctly…FREE. At zero cost to you, the Charm City Circulator is the new favorite form of transportation for locals and visitors because it really does take you everywhere you would need around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor when staying in Harbor East and it does so in an earth friendly way.

Charm City Circulator Bus

The Charm City Circulator around the Katyn Monument Circle in Harbor East

The Charm City Circulator travels four routes with 21 hybrid electric buses offering residents, students, work commuters, tourists, anyone and everyone an eco friendly way to get around town without hassle. The Green Route runs between Johns Hopkins, Fells Point, and City Hall. The Purple Route runs between Penn Station and the Federal Hill Neighborhood on the south side of the Inner Harbor. The Orange Route runs from Harbor East Baltimore to Hollins Market in the Washington Village area of Baltimore. The newest of the routes, the Banner Route, runs from the Inner Harbor to the Fort McHenry National Monument.

The Charm City Circulator buses run on a schedule that has a bus at each stop every 15 minutes so not only is it free, but it’s efficient as well. If you are vacationing in Harbor East Baltimore and want to just go with the flow you can rest at ease knowing that at no matter which stop you perch yourself, the next bus will arrive in 15 minutes or less. If you are in Baltimore for business or an event and are on a time crunch you might choose to refer to the Charm City Circulator schedule on their website. On that note, the folks who run and maintain the Charm City Circulator are excellent at updating their home page with information about any delays, stop closures, or temporarily detoured routes because accidents (and road work) DO happen sometimes that can cause ANY form of ground transportation to be held up or to have to go a different way.

The Charm City Circulator is the first fleet of eco friendly buses in any major metropolitan area and was part of Sheila Dixon’s (a former Baltimore Mayor) idea of having a “cleaner, greener Baltimore.” This photo was taken with an older DSLR Camera with a Sigma Wide Angle 10-20mm Zoom Lens.

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